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Board Members

Teesvalley Business Club board members and associates are:-

Jane Reynolds
Director, Chair
Jane Reynolds, Director, Chair
Emily Bentley
Director, Marketing
Emily Bentley, Director, Marketing
Angeline Stewart
Director, Treasurer
Angeline Stewart, Director, Treasurer
Lisa Holt, The Creative Alchemist
Lisa Holt, The Creative Alchemist, Director
Charlotte Nichols, Harvey & Hugo
Associate - PR
Charlotte Nichols, Harvey & Hugo, Associate - PR
Natalie Devonshire, Harvey & Hugo
Associate - Member Newsletter
Natalie Devonshire, Harvey & Hugo, Associate - Member Newsletter
Sharon Starkey, Resolution Communications
Associate - Members´ Editorial
Sharon Starkey, Resolution Communications, Associate - Members´ Editorial
Louise Gilbey - Endeavour Partnership
Louise Gilbey - Endeavour Partnership, Associate

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