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Business Exchange with Harriet Beveridge

Tuesday, 18th June 2019

This popular Teesside University business breakfast event will feature Harriet Beveridge, who will share performance-raising secrets from the world of stand-up comedy to help you see your roles, goals and challenges through an enjoyably fresh lens.

Harriet draws upon her experience from working at Ernst and Young, Barclays and Royal Mail before jumping ship and spending 15 years in leadership development and executive coaching.

In a world where people are weary of being exhorted to do more with less and achieve unwavering peak performance, Harriets messages are a breath of fresh air and her words inspire us to reach a higher level of performance no matter what our role or environment.

Harriet is a Funny Women Award semi-finalist and had three solo runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. She will explain how to use comedic techniques to make your organisation a more creative, productive and enjoyable place to work.

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Optional: delegates are invited to a tour of the new Teesside University Business School following this event.