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GRN Sportswear Ltd
Victoria Building, Victoria Road, Middlesbrough TS17 5HW

t: 07715117694



Peter Lillie


GRN Sportswear was set up by a team of athletes and environmentalists with strong backgrounds in Sustainability, Sales and Marketing, Business Consulting and Technology.

We create performance sportswear that is made ethically and sustainably producing cycling, triathlon and athletic wear for teams and individuals out of waste products, including plastic bottles and abandoned fishing nets.

There are three pillars that support the business:

1. Our sports clothing made from ethically sourced sustainable recycled materials including plastic bottles, fishing nets.

2.We manufacture all our technical clothing in the UK. This supports UK industry and reduces our carbon footprint, whilst allowing us to be more responsive to our customers needs.

3. Quality materials - A significant amount of time was focused on finding the correct material for each individual item of clothing. We have an exclusivity agreement on the supply of the recycled fabric we use for our cycling jerseys, running vests and BMX jerseys giving us a unique offering within our market. We have recently launched the worlds most sustainable racing skin suit.