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Heart & Soul for 2019

Friday, 30th November 2018

Creative Tees Valley filmmakers Ithica Films set the tone for 2019 with their new showreel.

Entitled Heart & Soul the film looks back on the diverse projects the company is involved with as well as looking forward to the next twelve months.

Since formation in 2014 Ithica Films has delivered innovative film projects across a variety of sectors including renewables, forestry and finance alongside community projects and commissions for government departments most of which feature in the new film.

Based in Middlesbrough's Boho One, the company has a flair for cinematic films for business with story at their heart. Managing Director, Matt McGough said: "It's always an amazing feeling when we see the showreels come to life, to see the new industries were working with and the human stories were being asked to tell. This one is particularly special for us as the care and detail the team bring to our film work really standsout inthe films weve been creating.

"Heart & soul are absolutely at the core of what we do, it's never been about how good you are with a camera but how you use it to capture the story of whats in front of you. To do it once is fine, but to be able to do it as consistently as we have done is pretty incredible.

"There's so much positivity from the people we work with, through commissioning and into production and delivery. It's a very unique situation where you're asked to create films around businesses, so translating their missions and offerings into film becomes so much more when it has meaning and heart in it."

View Ithica Films' show reel here.