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Joining Tees Valley Business Club

Tees Valley Business Club Ltd has been active for over 30 years, so we must be doing something right. We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation, limited by guarantee and managed by a volunteer board.

All events are free to Members* or heavily subsidised Guests** are welcomed at events.

Membership rates are as follows:

Tier 1 - £125 per annum - this includes one delegate place at each of our 10 events as well as the other member benefits
Tier 2 - £200 per annum - this includes two delegate places at each of our 10 events as well as the other member benefits

If you would like to join the club, complete the form below. Once submitted, we will contact you regarding your payment, once your application has been accepted.  Our preferred payment method is BACS, however we do also accept cash or cheques.

*One free delegate for 'Tier 1' membership per event or two delegates for 'Tier 2' membership per event.

**Guests are permitted one free visit to an event.  Further visits are charged at £18.00 per guest.


When you join the Tees Valley Business Club Limited you are tapping into a consortium of local businesses. We are a dynamic, growing organisation and the main advantage of membership is the support of your peers.

Our members are business people. They help, advise, support, socialise and do business with each other. The Club keeps you up to date with legislation; flags up funding and training opportunities; provides interesting speakers on topical subjects and business issues and holds 'showcase' events to encourage intertrading.

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