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Key Actions Limited TA Team Massive Results
Offices 11 - 12 Beaumont House, 74-76 Church Road, Stockton on Tees TS18 1TW

t: 01642 065197
w: www.teammassiveresults.com

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LinkedIn  Ian Kinnery
Hazel Rockingham


Ian Kinnery is no stranger to success as either a business owner a business leader or a business coach. Ian was enjoying a lucrative career in the corporate world when he realised the greatest buzz he got was in helping businesses and the people who ran them to grow and develop.

More than 25 years as the head of several major businesses, owned either privately, publically or by Ian himself, a degree, professional qualifications and a formal postgraduate business education were the preparation for Ians coaching career. In 2005 Ian joined the Worlds leading coaching firm and quickly became one of its most effective performers worldwide. As European Coach of the Year, a Global Trainer and a multi award winning Coach Ian has presented at several international coaching conferences.