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Souter Consulting Limited
Orchard Cottage, Silver Hill, Capheaton NE19 2AA

t: 07717725504



Justin Souter


Lean Startup trainer, coach and mentor Innovator Entrepreneur Business consultant and supporter of startups mountain biker, beekeeper, countryside dweller

I worked for nearly ten years as a business consultant in enterprise IT.

Now, I work with Clients to harness the Lean Startup framework to create growth, innovation, and greater agility. I've always loved ideas - having ideas myself, and now empowering others make the most of theirs. Together we figure out ways to make great things happen.

I also worked at the positive psychology startup Happiest helped set up the Searchcamp accelerator programme in Middlesbrough and most recently was a Director of and bootstrapped Dynamo North East, a social enterprise, whose goal is to grow the Regional enterprise IT economy.

As a psychology graduate and practitioner of personal development, I am keen to do the right things for the right reasons - and work with others to make the most of what they bring to the World.

I create greater Client productivity and market success by teaching masterclasses structuring and delivering consultancy to build corporate cultures supportive of innovation, the process to support it, and the tools which can make it happen.

I combine these offerings with coaching and mentoring to ensure learnings are turned into real change within people, in teams, and the organisation itself.