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New member - Evolution MRO

Friday, 11th January 2019

Evolution MRO are a supply chain management company based in Newcastle who are part of the award winning NBT Group who recently won the prestigious Ward Hadaway Fastest 50.

Evolution are an organisation producing simple solutions to a complex supply chain. They can significantly improve business performance and cash flow by simplifying and applying precise control to the procurement and management of businesses indirect products.

Rebecca Everson, sales and marketing specialist said: “We decided to join the business club to spread the word about our services in the local area and to further offer our services to a greater audience outside of the Automotive arena.

“We’ve found our experience amazing so far! The events that we have attended are well planned and organised, the speakers they have at each event are relevant and industry specific. We have made several new connections from the two events that we have attended.”

By joining the business club, Evolution MRO hope to help businesses in the area save money, time and ensure they are managing their indirect materials in the most effective manner, as well as grow their own network of contacts.