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New member - globalbridge

Friday, 11th January 2019

Listed as a company to watch in 2019 by The Chronicle, globalbridge is a digital platform that bridges the gap between young people and the next step in their education and professional life.

Founder Ben Mason, a former teacher, developed the platform due to employees and universities contacting the schools he worked in searching for pupils with specific talents and abilities. The platform allows pupils to showcase their talents, achievements and evidence of their skills, as well as search for opportunities suited for their abilities.

The platform also enables employees, universities and recruiters to showcase themselves in the same way, explaining the roles available and what they offer. They can search the system for pupils with the right skills for their roles to recruit the work force needed.

globalbridge became a member of the Tees Valley Business Club to engage with the business community. Founder, Ben Mason said: “Initially, I was introduced to Jane Reynolds by Caroline Theobald who spoke very highly of the club. Almost 50% of the schools in the Tees Valley are already engage with global bridge, and we are excited to be able to connect their students with employers and providers in the region.

“The business club was an obvious step for us to fulfil our aims, we launched in the North East and the Tees Valley have been fantastic early adopters. We want to place ourselves in everything Tees Valley and the club is exactly where we want to be.”

globalbridge hopes to get members to join the platform, Ben Mason adds: “We want to digitally connect pathways between education and industry across the Tees Valley. We want to give employers the ability to identify talent and help reduce the skills gap in the region, with the aim to boost the Tees Valley economy. It is fantastic to see more and more business joining the platform, giving visibility of the opportunities available in the North East, to retain our talent.”