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NEPIC is a cluster organisation that works across a broad range of inter-related chemistry using industries, such as bioprocessing, chemicals, polymers and composites, pharmaceuticals, specialities and renewable energy and low carbon materials, and their supply chains within Northeast England. This is a globally significant region for the process industry as there are more than 1400 companies directly involved or in the supply chain of these sectors, generating 26bn of annual sales, who employ 190,000 people and export 12bn each year. This is the Northeasts largest industrial sector and vital to the future of the Northeast economy.

NEPIC has a strategic role in shaping the future of these sectors and has made significant impact since its formation in 2005. Through industry leadership and the collective mass of the cluster the industry has a stronger voice to regional, UK and EU government and the coordination of mutually beneficial activities has significantly improved the competitiveness of the Northeast Process Industries and the companies actively participating in cluster. By providing a more collaborative environment the cluster has created a more compelling interactive and proactive business community, which is a more attractive environment for investors and helped raise the international profile resulting in a strong investment portfolio of 58 projects totalling 8.96bn.

It is important that ALL Northeast based companies, either operating in or supplying these sectors, play an active role in the continued success of the cluster in order to continue and accelerate the good work being done to improve the regions international competitiveness and regain its historical reputation as being the leading centre for high value manufacturing. To find out how your company could benefit from participating in the cluster or investing in the Northeast please visit